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We will keep you posted as to what has happend that day, so you can share our day and experiences. 


May Events

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You will see we had a very successful Teacher Training Seminar which owes this success to the wonderful participants. 


Our picnic in the park was a popular hit with the kids, especially the homemade Bento boxes thanks to the wonderful culinary as well as artistic talents of both Arne and Ayaka! Thanks guys.


Then, we finished the month off with a cookie making afternoon. The kids loved measuring, sifting, stirring and scooping the mixture. I am sorry to report there was only one naughty person with a raw dough addiction.....Tammy. Yep, she got in trouble from everyone....but gee, the dough was yummy!


Go now and check out the pics and write up in the Kids in the Kitchen section. 

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It's all there! All the exciting news about EIKEN success stories, Halloween, Photonics Photon Fair, Christmas & the Turkey, our Theatre Day and just recently our Australia Day experiences. 

Pre Halloween

Getting into the swing of Halloween, Arne taught us all how to make really cool masks!

Guess who's who!!!
Guess who's who!!!