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Our students are very high achievers. Many have passed Eiken Pre 1. They like to take the challenge when ready as our course content provides what is necessary. 

We are very proud of all our students' achievements!

Koichi passed Eiken Grade 1 in 2011. Travelling to Nagoya to take the interview section, he chose to make his 2 minute speech on the topic of "Do you think people from different cultures can live together in peace?"

The judges found his speech very interesting and informative!!

Well done Kocihi.


Tomohiro passed Eiken Grade 1 in 2014, after lots of study. 

His topic at the interview was "Do you think that the world can produce more energy efficient power?"

His speech was well received by the judges.

Well Tomohiro.



We are pround to announce that Renge (grade 3 elementary)  and Miwa (also grade 3) have passed EIKEN Pre-2 and Mika (grade 4 elementary) has passed the EIKEN GRADE 3 TEST.  What a fantastic effort. Well done all of you!!!!


今回の英検合格者の中で最年少の小3の蓮華ちゃんとみわちゃん(準2級)と小4のみかちゃん(3級)です。 合格, おめでとう!!!三人とも毎週土曜日にインターナショナルスクールに通っています。


We encourage our all our students, both at our international school as well as our weekly classes, to try for an EIKEN TEST at least once a year. In our returnees class at international school on Saturday, all students have achieved either Pre Grade 1 or Grade 2.  In the past、 two of our graduates attained Grade 1. 



Also, congratulations to Nozomi (On the right) for passing EIKEN Level 2!!

Speech Contests 2013

Daniel Ota 6th Place in the Sophia University Speech Contest 2013

Daniel in the front row, far left
Daniel in the front row, far left

Speech Contests 2012

Daniel Ota 1st Place at the Shizuoka Prefecture High School Speech Contest 2012

第64回 静岡県高等学校英語スピーチコンテスト 優勝 
第6回 全国高等学校英語スピーチコンテスト東海北陸ブロック大会 第4位 

2012年10月27日(土)、静岡県教育会館で開催されたスピーチコンテストに、英語科1年の太田君が出場し、優勝に輝きました。その上位大会である東海北陸ブロック大会では1年生ながら堂々の4位に入賞しました。スピーチのタイトルは"What Happens When Good Men Do Nothing"「無関心の善意と悪意」というナチスによるユダヤ人迫害を体験した彼の家族の話に基づくもので、正義とは何かを問い、今自分たちは何をすべきかを考えさせる素晴らしい内容のスピーチでした。 Hamamatsu Konan high School


Daniel Came 4th in the Tokai Competition held in Nagoya

Speech Contests 2010

Adam Ota 2nd Place in the Dokkyo University Speech Contest 2010

Adam Ota front row, 4th from left
Adam Ota front row, 4th from left